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Sports massage is a treatment that can undoubtedly be used in both athletic and non – athletic population offering specific muscle stimulation. This type of massage aims to enhance blood flow and nutrients to the muscles by applying specific techniques and pressures on muscles.

Athletic population refers to people that embark in sports and are consistently training on high intensities challenging their muscles on most days of the week. Sports massage will enhance the recovery process and prepare the body for the next training or competition. The main outcome of sports massage sessions is the reduction in swelling, cessation of muscle cramping, removal of lactic acid and waste products.

Non – athletic population refers to the working class that inevitably stress their body and muscles on a daily basis. For example, office workers that have mostly a sedentary lifestyle and complain of muscle ache. Sports massage will provide an essential treatment to sore muscles and alleviate any pain caused from daily life habits and activities.


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